Our 3 Favourite Camera Apps

It’s been a long time since our last post! We didn’t plan to be away for so long but exams have really kept us busy for the past few weeks – but we are now back and ready for our regular weekly post.

As we both have a serious love for taking & editing photos (we once collectively took 2,000 photos on a 2 and a half day trip to Sydney 😂), we’ve tried quite a decent amount of photo editing/camera apps. We usually use a combination of them and change it up sometimes, but there are three camera apps that we just keep going back to – Gudak & Huji cam which transform your phone into a vintage film camera, and the infamous KiraKira+ app because… sparkles are life.

1. Gudak

This is an app that B found and one that we just couldn’t stop using. While the vintage effect of film cameras is super cute, the thought of having to get your film developed is not. Gudak makes getting those vintage vibe photos so much easier for us smartphone users. This app keeps things authentic with its teeny tiny viewfinder, random lighting effects and 3 day ‘developing time’. We love love loveee using this app for dark nighttime photos, especially when there are colourful neon lights. For day time photos, you may find the camera a bit dark – but the beauty of a digital photo is the editing 😂just a little bit of brightness and colour adjusting will get your photo looking A+. This app does cost a few dollars, but we think it’s 100% worth purchasing if you’re a photo fanatic like us.

gudak camera app

Note: Apart from the photo above, all the photos in this post show the pure effects of the apps! They have not been edited.

gudak camera app

2. Huji Cam

Here’s another film camera app, but this one gives off a different vibe and is totally free! Like Gudak’s interface, this one also mimics a real film camera with its small viewfinder and shutter button. This app however, gives the photos a purple tint and makes the colours much brighter. Also, your photos don’t require ‘developing’ so you can see the results straight away. We love how the timestamp is for the year 1998 – it’s a great little touch that really makes you feel like you’re looking at a photo from the past!

huji cam camera app photo editing

3. Kirakira+

This app is perfect for those who love sparkle, glitter, and just anything shiny! This app also costs a few dollars, but there are many different sparkle effects that you can choose from so you can definitely get your money’s worth! We love this app for jewellery – it just adds that extra touch. What’s also great is that you can choose your bling intensity (…bling-tensity?) and also take some super blinged out videos. Other things it works great on include the hardware on handbags, makeup compacts, lipsticks, sequins, nail art and anything rhinestoned for that extra bling✨.

kirakira+ camera app sparkly

We definitely recommend all these apps for those who want to add a little extra something to their photos! We’d also love to hear what apps you’ve been loving and your recommendations, so feel free to chat with us in the comments below ♡




C & B ♡


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