Favourite Sydney Spots (ft. The Rabbit Hole, Grounds of Alexandria and D21)

Tea lattes and eating Doraemon?! I had the greatest time in Sydney with C. Below are three of my favourite places we went to.

1. The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

The Rabbit Hole SydneyThe Rabbit Hole is one of our favourite cafes to visit in Sydney. I’m a huge tea lover, so I just adore their unique idea of a tea dedicated cafe. I was so excited when I saw they had tea lattes! The tea latte menu is super interesting, featuring special flavours like the tiramisu latte, ginger snap latte and London fog latte.

The industrial interior is modern with its brick walls, concrete floor and wood furnishing. The crushed ceramic tiles they use (unfortunately not pictured) throughout the cafe is so simple but pretty. Psst, can you spot the crushed tile motif in the picture above? I love little details like these that ties everything together.

Turkish Delight LatteI had the Turkish delight latte, a combo of rose and cacao as pictured above. The latte was pretty smooth and there was just enough Turkish delight flavour without being overwhelming. I just can’t get over how pretty it looks with the dried rose petals…!

Berry Bomb Latte The Rabbit HoleC had the berry bomb latte. It’s described as a black tea with berries and raspberry dust. The raspberry dust looks so vibrant against the white foam; it reminds me of modern art, like a red streak across white canvas.

I also had the poke bowl with salmon (as pictured below). It was good, nothing outstanding. I reckon The Rabbit Hole is best for its  drinks (I gotta try the tea mocktail next time) and tea inspired desserts as I haven’t seen another cafe quite like this. The service was super friendly too.  I can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in Sydney!


The Grounds of Alexandria

Can you really say that you visited Sydney without going to the Grounds of Alexandria? It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular place. The combination of pretty gardens, coffee, industrialism and neon sign makes an unforgettable aesthetic. If you’ve stalked their Instagram tag, I’m sure you would have seen the flower shop pictured below. They have the most beautiful, fresh flowers ready for you to take home. Can you believe this place used to be a  pie factory?

The Grounds of Alexandria Flowers

The Grounds provide ample photography opportunities – the sun was out in all its glory on the day we went and all of our photos turned out so pretty. It was filled with locals and travellers; little kids running around playing tag and friends doing impromptu photoshoots. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the most photographed cafe in Sydney. We actually had to queue to take photos in some spots (especially that one  popular fountain)… The place did get pretty busy so we decided to just look around and get a drink, so we can’t comment on the food!

The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria Sign

We constantly stopped in the gardens to take photos. We also loved visiting their icon, the resident pig Kevin Bacon (please don’t actually turn him into bacon).

They also had little carts along the pathways, selling things from lemonade, candied apples to pastries. C got a rose lemonade, tempted by its pink colour. It was refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.


I really adore The Grounds and their fresh, rustic vibe; it was the perfect place to visit in summer and I wish Melbourne had a counterpart. I will definitely be back to try their coffee and wood fired pizza!


D21 Ice Cream

D21 Ice Cream Interior

Now, this is a contentious addition to the list. D21 is instafamous for its cute macaron ice creams sandwiches. They feature characters like Totoro, Mike Wazowski and Elmo. Basically, you choose your macaron, ice-cream flavour and toppings to create your sandwich. I had Doraemon and C had Spongebob.

D21 Ice Cream

The shop is really small (no seats available) and the interior is quite cute. I can’t deny how cute the macarons turned out, but the flavour… I can see how they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. It was a tad bit too sweet for my liking. Honestly I can’t even remember which flavour I chose? It also got super messy to eat, ice cream dripping and macarons sticking. Beside this downside, it was kinda expensive. However, I think it’s a fun experience and it’s good to try once (just once, save your money fam) to see the hype and get some shots for the memory. This would be a great place for kids though!

D21 Spongebob Ice Cream


Warm sunlight, the summer breeze and laughing at each other’s stupid jokes – I had a great time with C walking around and exploring Sydney whilst munching on Doraemon’s adorable face. Although it wasn’t the tastiest ice cream, it was the company made an experience great.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my (somewhat) brief post on my experience with C in Sydney! I’ll be back with more soon.



B ♡


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