Melbourne’s breezy, bayside cafe: Lenny 3206

Located at a corner in Albert Park, Lenny 3206 is a brunch bar that opened just this year. With its pastel tones and resort styled umbrellas, Lenny  gave us serious summery, beach vibes. Mouth-watering pictures of their hotcakes hooked us like bait and we couldn’t resist a visit.

The menu includes some brunch classics such as smashed avo and eggs Benedict. We ordered soy lattes, the cookies n ‘cream ricotta hotcake ($21) and the green breaky bowl ($21) to balance out that sweetness (also in the name of being healthy… although that was a second thought).

lenny 3206 brunch cafe melbourne

lenny 3206 brunch cafe melbourne cookies n cream ricotta hotcake
Cookies n’ cream ricotta hotcake

The hotcake is a spring menu item with vanilla ice-cream, strawberries, chocolate cookie crumble and peach gel. The dish took a while to be served but it was advised on the menu it could take up to 20 minutes. As simple as the dish sounds, the combination of ice cream, ricotta hotcake and cookies was a hit. The cookies and cream flavour was just enough without being too heavy. If you’re craving something sweet, this is the dish to order. 

lenny 3206 brunch cafe melbourne

lenny 3206 brunch cafe melbourne breaky bowl
Green breaky bowl

Now onto the breaky bowl. It’s described as raw seasonal greens with herbs, roasted pepitas and almonds, avocado, chilli, buckwheat, crispy halloumi (so good), honey dressing and poached egg. We added extra cured salmon ($5) and it went beautifully with the healthy salad. It was pretty delicious (C’s favourite!) and we prefer this over the hotcake.

Lenny is also dog friendly so we saw lots of cute pooches. We might even bring C’s pupper along with us next time and head to the nearby beach afterwards for a stroll! However, Lenny’s slow service was the only downside of the whole experience. As nice as the servers were, they weren’t very attentive at times. The cafe wasn’t particularly busy when we went. We were ignored a few times and our cured salmon was forgotten so we had to ask twice more for it 😦 

lenny 3206 brunch cafe melbourne

In short, Lenny has decent dishes and offers plenty of pretty pictures for the gram if this is what you’re looking for. If not, the minimalist interior and generous lighting offers a calm atmosphere (the interior design makes us think of white linen dresses, gelato and driftwood) and it’s a nice spot to chill bayside in Melbourne’s warming weather.


See you in our next post!


C & B 


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