3 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Place

I’m one of those people who get bored with their living space easily, so I’m always searching for little ways to refresh my apartment. Through my time living alone, I’ve found a few neat (and rent-friendly) tricks to refresh your living space without having to spend big bucks on stuff like furniture.


Decorative Knobs & Handles

Furniture handles/knobs are an element that’s commonly forgotten when looking at redecorating — but this small detail is really a game changer! It can help to perfectly tie together the vibe of your place, or make an otherwise boring or inexpensive piece of furniture into a super stylish one. If you’re renting, just remember to keep the original handles so you can put them back on before moving out.               interior decorating brass handles knobsI replaced my old silver kitchen handles with larger brass ones. They match the other brass accents in my place perfectly, creating cohesion that’s subtle but still elevates the living space. There are some amazing modern designs on CB2 (some of my favourites include the crinkle brass knob, hex knobs and white marble & brass knobs). There’s also some great inexpensive ones on Amazon (mine here) and beautiful cut gemstone ones on Etsy (gold & quartz knobs < love this 😍, sliced agate knobs).


Plants & Decorative Planters

Adding some plants to your place can help add all the colour and vibrance that you need. They’re also especially great if you have a light modern theme or stick to a monochrome colour palette. They add a dash of colour without ruining the vibe. interior decoratingThere are many different types of planters and terrariums that you can grow them in. You can opt for ones that tie in with the colour theme of your space (geometric brass terrarium, wood leg planter & marble planter) or more playful styles like these animal shaped ones (wicker elephant planter & ceramic turtle planter). They add life (literally) to a space and create ambience. 


Decorative Objects and Trays

Now, if you can’t keep a plant alive then here’s another alternative. Although decorative objects serve no real function, they really transform plain tabletops (such as bedside tables) and shelving. Even something small can spruce up the place! If you’re going for a nature-rustic-chic theme you can opt for wooden objects. If you’re leaning more towards a modern or mid century style, there’s heaps of great brass decorative objects on the market. One of my favourites is the ‘amore’ sign from West Elm (pictured below). It ties in with my brass highlights and adds a modern touch to my bookshelf. 

interior decorating trays brass decorative objects

If non-functional decorative objects are not your thing, trays and boxes are also a great way to make an area look much more structured and organised. Some of my favourites on the market right now include the brass inlay marble tray, glass shadow box & other the great dupes/variations of these available at H&M. 

This post is a little different from our usual beauty and food posts, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it. Let us know if you’d like to see more interior decorating related posts!




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