A Guide to Dusty Rose Lip Colours

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year. I’d originally planned to start the year with a post on my favourite lipsticks of 2018. After picking out the products, I noticed how similar the shades were — all of them being in the dusty rose category. I find myself gravitating towards this colour as it is not too loud (unlike red, orange and purple shades) and complements most makeup looks. In this post I’ve included my 5 favourites, all from different brands. From a glance they might all just look like medium pinks, but the different undertones and finishes can give off totally different vibes. I think that dusty rose shades look great on all skin tones. I hope this post can help you to find the dusty rose lipstick that suits your style and tastes!

dusty rose mauve lipsticks ysl vinyl cream lip stain chanel rouge coco mademoiselle MAC brick-o-la tom ford #20 richard 3ce matte lip colour #226 review and swatchdusty rose mauve lipsticks ysl vinyl cream lip stain chanel rouge coco ysl vinyl cream carmin session MAC brick-o-la 3CE matte lip colour brunch time tom ford beauty #20 richard swatches and review

Chanel Rouge Coco #434 ‘Mademoiselle’

This is a super hydrating lipstick with grey/purple undertones. It contains three different vegetable waxes, making it light and moisturising like a lip balm. This lipstick has medium coverage and a slightly shimmery finish. I love this shade because the undertones give it a mature and sophisticated vibe.

YSL Vinyl Cream Stain #407 ‘Carmin Session’

My recent favourite lip colour! This is a darker dusty rose with a little hint of plum. It can be applied sparingly for that MLBB look or built up for a richer plum colour. This stains the lips slightly, so you’ll still have that rosy flush on the lips after a meal. I absolutely love the finish of this – it’s not too matte nor too glossy.  A very popular shade in YSL’s Vinyl Cream line!

dusty rose mauve lipsticks MAC brick-o-la 3CE matte lip colour brunch time tom ford beauty #20 richard swatches and review

MAC Amplified lipstick ‘Brick-O-La’

This one’s an old favourite! It’s a brighter and more youthful dusty rose compared to the other shades. This has to be my favourite lipstick finish from MAC, it amazes me how it can be so pigmented but still super creamy and moisturising! This is my go-to shade for when my complexion looks dull or my eyes look tired, as it really helps to brighten up the face.

3CE Matte Lip Colour #226 ‘Brunch Time’

I recently picked up this one alongside the other 2 new shades from this line (which I might do a mini review on in a future IG post). This is a great matte shade and has a bit of a burnt orange/slightly nude undertone. It looks super chic with a darker eye look and also levels up a simple winged eyeliner look. This shade definitely gives off that cool ‘girl crush’ vibe!

Tom Ford Lips&Boys #20 ‘Richard’

I’ve already mentioned this in a previous monthly favourites post, but I’m here to rave about it again 😂. Similar to Chanel’s ‘Mademoiselle’, this shade has a slightly purple undertone. Out of all the lipsticks in this post, I’d say this colour is truest to a dusty rose. The finish is somewhere in between the 3CE matte lip colour and the MAC amplified lipstick — it doesn’t slip and slide on the lips but isn’t completely matte.

That’s it for my favourite dusty rose shades. I highly recommend you all to try these lip colours, or any other shades from these lines as the formulas are A+. Have you tried any of these products? If not, which one are you most interested in trying? 💕



— C


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