#eggsfordays – Grange Road Egg Shop

After discovering Grange Road Egg Shop via Instagram (and obsessing over the baby pink tables) we decided to pop in for a visit. It’s just a short tram ride away from the South Yarra train station. When we got off the tram, all we had to do was take a turn and we could see the huge egg on top of their building.

Grange Road Egg Shop Toorak Melbourne brunch cafeWe’ve visited many brunch places in Melbourne, but Grange Road Egg Shop stands out amongst the rest. The interior, although minimalistic like most brunch places, has it own aesthetic with pink as a running theme.

Grange Road Egg Shop Toorak Melbourne brunch cafe interiorWe absolutely adore how they kept with the egg theme – the egg shaped tables were so cute! The plants plus the warm sunlight shining in created a casual and relaxed atmosphere. And the service!! We met some of the nicest waiters ever and dishes were served really quick.

They offer both still and sparkling water (#bougie) and had great drink options. We ordered a dark hot chocolate, soy latte and pink juice (which was a nice blend of watermelon, strawberry, lime and mint). The menu (as expected) offered lots of dishes featuring eggs, such as the shakshooka and benedict. They have everything from soups to Rueben sandwiches, and home cooking favourites like porridge and pancakes, salads and burgers and sandwiches. You can check out the delicious menu here!

Grange Road Egg Shop Toorak Melbourne brunch cafe menu food All of the dishes we ordered were top notch. We could find no fault with the presentations. The buttermilk pancakes with its fairy floss unicorn horn was the BOMB! It’s sooo pretty and satisfying to eat! We can see why it’s one of their most instagrammed dishes. The tangy lemon curd and fresh berries paired so well with the sweet ice-cream and maple syrup. The pancakes are thick and fluffy. It’s a very filling dish so if you’re not a huge fan of sweets, we recommend you to share.

The fruit bowl was a pleasant little surprise. It has fresh, roasted and poached fruits with pastel pink yoghurt served underneath. As simple as it sounds, it was refreshing to eat after the other dishes.  Grange Road Egg Shop toorak melbourne brunch cafe menu and food

Grange Road Egg Shop really lives up to its name and does killer egg dishes. We were told the smoked salmon scrambled is one of their most popular dishes. It was delicious and we recommend this to all our salmon lovers! As for the haloumi corn fritters… well, let’s just say the poached eggs were #eggporn. We also enjoyed the avocado and jalapeno salsa in the dish.

We had such a great time there and felt so welcomed by the friendly waiters. You really can’t go wrong with any of their dishes. This is THE place to go in Melbourne for a brunch date. We already want to go back and eat the buttermilk pancakes again! And the fruit bowl! And the fritter! Basically the whole menu…

Till next time,


C & B ♡


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