Candyland in Melbourne – Sugar Republic

Sugar Republic is a sweets themed pop-up museum that opened here in Melbourne mid June. You can relive your childhood through the interactive candy themed displays, giant pink ball pit and much more. Luckily, I was able to visit before it closed last week. In case you missed it, here are some photos of the rooms and details so that you can get a little taste of this sugary sweet experience!


The museum was a lot of fun; as a lover of anything pink I was so happy! The tickets were a little on the pricey side: $35 for adults and $29 for children under age 12 (not including the online booking fee). However, people didn’t seem to mind this since the tickets sold out quite quickly. Funnily enough, although the museum is aimed at adults, 50% of the people there were small children accompanied by their parents. I’m sure it would have been a real dream come true for them – especially because of all the free cavity inducing treats offered, including ice-cream, cotton candy and Wizz Fizz.



The pink ball pit was probably the best part of the exhibition. I mean, as an adult, there aren’t many chances to play around in a ball pit anymore. There are also heaps of areas where you can sit or stand to take some great photos, such as the giant sprinkles cake, the swing in the fairy floss room and the rainbow bridge. I think that they had a really great system running for the museum – I really appreciated the cloak room and the super friendly employees scattered around to help you take photos or give you free treats. However, I do think that the overall display could have been improved – especially the lighting situation (I definitely didn’t have the easiest time editing these photos 😂).


Although Sugar Republic has already closed here in Melbourne, they’re not done just yet! Their next pop-up will be in Brisbane (you can stay updated via their website here), and they’ve also mentioned that they will be heading to Sydney in the future. If you want to take some pretty photos for Instagram or just want a great place to hang out with friends, then you should definitely go check this museum out!





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