Box Hill Brunch Gem: Whitehorse Chloe

There’s a dilemma I often find myself in: the question of where and what to eat. Box Hill is anything but lacking in restaurants, and Whitehorse Chloe was my answer that day.


white horse chloe boxhill brunch

The Asian fusion brunch bar is conveniently located on Whitehorse road. Bright and spacious, it hosts a minimalistic yet gorgeous interior, elements of gold, greenery and graphics (peep that signature horse mural if you visit!) created a relaxing atmosphere. I loved the double height space and sunlight streaming through the big windows at the dining area. Plenty of natural light was provided even though it was grey and dreary morning when I went. 

My friend and I ordered two dishes with a side of fries to share (my potato addiction cannot be curbed… send help).

whitehorse chloe brunch boxhill asian fushion food

The Smoked King Salmon Croquette (pictured above) was everything I loved placed in perfect harmony on a single plate. Along with the croquettes there was a dashi egg pop, a chunk of furikake avocado, soy shitake relish, enoki floss, sweet corn salsa, a poached egg and prawn aioli. The dashi egg pop was an interesting yet enjoyable touch. I particularly liked the shiitake relish, sweet corn salsa, and the generous prawn aioli to accompany it all. And how gorgeous is that presentation! I thoroughly enjoyed each bite and it’s one of those dishes I would order again. 

The side of fries was served with spicy mayo and was good – nothing outstanding but satisfied our potato cravings.White horse chloe Box Hill Smoked King Salmon CroquetteThe Lap Cheong Scotch Egg was served with smoked organic carrot purée, brussels sprouts, yummy roasted heirloom carrots and pistachios. It’s presentation was on par with the croquettes – colours vibrant, fresh and inviting, just waiting for a fork to dig in. The flavours went well together and was tasty; an unique twist to the scotch egg I’ve never seen before.

The service was friendly and all in all was a pleasant experience. I recommend Whitehorse Chloe if you’re in the neighbourhood and want to try something different!


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