NARS NARSissist Wanted Velvet Lip Glide Set Review & Swatches

I popped into Mecca Cosmetics last week just to check out some skin care products, but instead ended up walking out with this set of NARS Velvet Lip Glides. I’ve been really loving NARS lately — they drew me right in with their NARSissist line. I remember seeing the Wanted eyeshadow palette and gasping at how beautiful the shades were – especially the glitter ones! However, I had already ordered the 3CE Mood Recipe eyeshadow palette in Overtake and figured that I shouldn’t spoil myself too much (however now seeing it again I am so tempted to buy it…).

This ‘Wanted’ set is a new addition to the NARSissist line. The set contains 6 mini Lip Glides (3.4mL), which are described to ‘glide like a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick’. Unlike the first NARSissist Velvet Lip Glide set, which contained bright pink and red hues, this set follows a more nude theme with dusty rose, muted coral and terracotta shades. The set retails for $66 AUD, working out to be $11 per lipstick (which I think is a pretty great price for NARS!). You can purchase it from the NARS official site here or pop into your nearest Mecca store.

NARSissist Wanted Velvet Lip Glide set review swatches

NARSissist Wanted Velvet Lip Glide applicator

Application & Wear

These are super easy to apply and just like the name suggests, they really do glide onto the lips! The applicator is the perfect size and sturdiness to get a clean and precise application. They feel super creamy on the lips and have a glossy sheen — I guess you could say they’re like a lipgloss but not sticky and a whole lot more opaque. I think these are perfect if you want to try something different from the usual matte or cream lipstick, but don’t want to risk walking around with your hair all stuck to your lipgloss 😂.

These smell faintly of vanilla, which you don’t notice at all after you finish applying them. They don’t stain the lips and don’t last very long, which is kind of what I expected from the glossy finish. They usually hold up for 3-4 hours without eating or drinking, but disappear easily when you do. I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day because I really love how plump these make my lips look! I also adore the size of these  they’re about half the length of the full size version so they’re great to pop into small handbags.


This set includes Swing and Roseland, which are 2 permanent shades available in the full size, and 4 limited edition shades District, Lure, Spike & vault.

NARSissist Wanted Velvet Lip Glide set swatches

District – A ‘peachy pink nude’. This one applies a little bit more sheer than the others, but I still love it because the milky colour makes your lips look super juicy and cute! It’s a very natural shade that can help you look a little more fresh-faced and youthful.

Swing – Described as a ‘neutral rose’. This is such a pretty dusty rose colour! I already have a few lipsticks similar to this shade however, this is a great addition because of it’s beautiful glossy finish.

Lure – A ‘terracotta nude’. I would describe this as more of a medium coral nude. I rarely come across orange/coral shades that suit me but I’ve really been loving this one. The colour is not too light and not too bold – so it doesn’t wash you out and still pairs well with more natural makeup looks or even a bare face.

Roseland – This is a ‘rose blush’ shade and definitely one of my favourites! It’s one of those pinks that’s neutral with a little hint of flirty (think toned down barbie). Under artificial lighting it has a tiny hint of purple to it.

Spike – Described as a ‘mauve berry’ – which is absolutely spot on! I absolutely love this shade 😍 I love the purple hues that are trending right now but I just don’t think I can pull them off. This berry shade is great for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing bright colours, but still want to play with this trend as it has that beautiful hint of purple.

Vault – A super pretty ‘deep nude’ shade. This nude makes me feel a little more mature and sexy – especially when paired with a bronzy brown eye look! When I think of brown toned nudes I usually think of matte lipsticks, so I really appreciate the glossy sheen from this one.


Overall, I’m super impressed with this set! Although the shades all fit into the narrow category of medium-nude, NARS has still managed to make all 6 shades remarkably different. There’s definitely a lip colour to suit every occasion and every eye look. If you’re totally obsessed with rosy nudes like me, I highly recommend purchasing this set! Have you tried any products from the NARSissist line? I would love to hear your thoughts on them.


C ♡


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