American Diner Dreams in Melbourne (Part 1) – Misty’s Diner

On a rainy Wednesday, we set out to explore two of Melbourne’s diners: Misty’s Diner and Soda Rock Diner. Ever since we watched Riverdale, we’ve wanted to sit in a vinyl booth and gorge on fried goodness. Both restaurants gave us some real Riverdale vibes (think: classic American artery clogging dishes and unforgettable old hits).

Misty’s has quite a big menu and being the indecisive duo that we are, we took a while to decide what to order. We love how the menu is vegetarian and gluten free friendly! Note that vegan cheese is offered at an extra $3. You can take a peek of the extensive menu here.

misty's diner reservoir american diner melbourneWe ended up ordering a combo of Misty’s American Style burger with curly fries ($22), and a vegetarian Chicago Dog with a side of Animal fries ($22.80). The food took a while to come but as stated by Misty on the menu the “food is made to order and made with love”! A little patience is all it takes – you can jam out to some classic hits in the meantime and take some lovely photos, or like us decide what to order on the next visit! The vibe in this joint really is different compared to other restaurants we’ve been to. We were hit with a wave of nostalgia at the table sized jukeboxes and hits like Go Johnny and Pretty Woman playing in the diner. It felt like we were in those cliché American movies – all we needed were our jock boyfriends and a Mustang waiting outside to burn some rubber afterwards. When Tequila played over the speakers, everyone in the diner sang along and it was such a chill and fun atmosphere. It’s a great place to eat at regardless if you come with friends or family!

After salivating from the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen… the food finally arrived!!

misty's diner reservoir american diner melbourne

We were expecting a McDonald’s sized burger, but Misty’s burger was almost as big as our heads! (well, no complaints on our part). This burger included Misty’s signature sunny side up egg, lettuce, tomato, one beef patty, American bacon, cheddar cheese, onions and Misty’s special sauce. Burger eating is a hella messy business, but the flavours were amazing and it was definitely worth it despite our sauce stained fingers! It wasn’t greasy or dry – it hit the perfect balance and it’s one of the best burgers we’ve had in Melbourne so far. The side of crunchy, curly fries were sooo delicious! We’re officially addicted to these fries and still can’t stop thinking about them…

misty's diner reservoir american diner melbourne

The Chicago Dog was also quite a big serving. In fact, we couldn’t finish either of the meals – we were absolutely stuffed. It’s one of those places perfect to come with a group of friends so you get to try a bit of everything on the menu! Anyways, back to the hotdog. To our plant-based friends – rejoice! – the veggie meat is actually pretty good. We had some not-so-great experiences with veggie meat, but this was definitely not the case. Apart from the sausage, the hotdog had diced tomato, raw onions, relish, jalapeños, celery salt, American mustard and pickles. We especially loved the pickles and jalapeños. The combination of these flavours were absolutely amazing and totally worth the wait! The animal fries were also super tasty – the combo of fries and sauce was pretty rich, but not the type that leaves you feeling sick afterwards.

Our verdict: Misty’s serves perfect junky comfort food (especially fitting for rainy days)! With great service and food made with care – Misty’s is definitely a diner worth visiting. There’s plenty of parking available, but it’s convenient too if you’re taking public transport. The Reservoir train station is about a 20 minutes walk from the diner – for us it was good to walk after having such a filling meal. The diner is open Tuesdays to Sunday, and since it opens till late it’s a great place to come for dinner and chill with your friends on a Friday night!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first post and we’ll be back with part two very soon! 



C & B ♡


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